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1/2-Ton Capacity Transmission Jack 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack 1.5-Ton Telescoping Transmission Jack

RTJ-1100 (5150442)

1/2-Ton Capacity Transmission Jack

Compact, upright transmission jack with a maximum lift capacity of 1,100 lbs. Rugged construction, 24-in. base and overload safety, this jack can never going drop unexpectedly due to overload or hydraulic failure.

RTJ-1 (5150404)

1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack

The solid RTJ-1 TransJak™ transmission jack has a 1-ton lifting capacity and is built out of 200+ pounds of quality material. This telescoping transmission jack has been an industry favorite since we first released it.

RTJ-3000 (5150406)

1.5-Ton Telescoping Transmission Jack

This rugged heavy-duty transmission jack has an incredible 3,000-lb. lifting capacity. As our heaviest-duty transmission jack, you’re capable of removing and replacing some of the most difficult transmissions out there.