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Galaxy Vertical Platform Lift (Call for Pricing)
Galaxy VPL Lifts are ASME 18.1 compatible for human transport.

Engineered with safety in mind.

The SDS system will stop the lift within 1 inch should any part of the lifting mechanism fail.

The gearbox is a double reduction gearbox that will not slip or move without power from the motor. The highest rated gearbox in the industry.

The head assembly has a third added bearing in the center to eliminate any ‘bowing’ that may occur due to the weight distribution during the lifting process.

ASME 18.1 compatible under Chapter 5 Residential VPL 2014 Code.

-ASME 18.1 compatible for Human Transport
-Max Height: 14 Feet
-Lift Speed: 14 Feet/Minute
-Lift Capacity: 500 Pounds
-Basket Size: 54 ¼” X 54 ¼” X 88” OD
-5 Inch Engineered Beams
-Engineered to withstand 140 mph wind
-Double Reduction Gearbox
-Stainless Steel 1.5 HP Motor
-Interior Lighting
-Two Stop Control System
-Two Call Station Controls
-Indoor or Outdoor Use
-Proudly Made in the USA

-Safeguard Deterrent System© (SDS)
-Anti-skid Flooring
-All Aluminum Construction
-All Stainless Steel Hardware
-Dual Stainless Steel Aircraft Cables
-Triple Bearing Head Assembly
-Interior Lighting
-Gate Interlocks
-In Basket Control Panel
-In Basket Hand Rail
-Pan Switch
-Tinted Polycarbonate Lexan
-5 Year Construction Warranty
-1 Year Warranty on Electrical and Mechanical Parts

-Custom Bracing
-Canvas Canopy Top
-Deck Gate Interlock Included
-Basket Gate with Interlock
-Powder Coating: Any color
-Professional Installation for customers who meet all code compliance.